Zumba Didem Zeybek
Stev Boedt


An entertaining, fun and high paced dance-fitness exercise will make you happy!

Combat & Body Combat Cengiz Cumhur


Let off steam and feel like a champion! This energetic exercise inspired by martial arts doesn’t require physical contact.

Dancehall Duygu Etikan


Feel the beat, dance and let yourself go with the rhythm. Don’t worry about how you look, just dance!

Ertuğrul Tekeli

Dance 4 Life

Modern dance moves combined with aerobics will create an entertaining exercise.

Dance to Words Pınar Tansı

Dance to Words

This workshop combines several types of dance Hip Hop and commercial dance, interpreting them with a new approach.

DISQ Cengiz Cumhur


DISQ is an evolved exercise device that offers a whole new experience. Enjoy exercising at any level you want!

Fit Project Özgür Aktürk

Fit Project

You’ll use your whole body weight and burn calories, strengthening your stamina.

Functional Training Pınar Tansı
İnanç Akbaş

Functional Training

You will give your whole body a workout with the dance moves. Your skills of coordination, endurance, balance and agility will be strengthened.

Funky Dance Fatih Günaydın

Funky Dance

Dance with popular music! This workshop combines dances such as Locking, Popping, Top Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Funk.

Funny Jump Koray Yağmur
Orkun Kargöz

Funny Jump

Wear your special shoes and jump! You will dance non-stop with the fun music and jump moves.

H.I.I.T Runners Hasan Kılınçer
Orçun Cinpir

H.I.I.T Runners

You will gain strength, have fun and get in shape with this energetic exercise. The workshop consisting of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and cardiorespiratory exercises .

Hip Hop Duygu Etikan

Hip Hop

Listen to the music, catch the rhythm, start with simple steps and create your own style.

Step New Style Sasha OSHKIN

Step New Style

This workshop is an evolved version of Step. Imagine House music taking over the step platform. These moves will let you test yourself.

X25 Tabata Extreme Murat Bür

X25 Tabata Extreme

Burn over 250 calories in 25-minutes! This fast-paced exercise is a technique created by Japanese Professor Izumi Tabata.