SportsWeek Interview

CNR SportsWeek is a world-class sports festival

Noyan Dülek

CNR SportsWeek, which aims to be the biggest sports festival in Turkey, will be held on September 13-16 at CNR Expo Yeşilköy.

We spoke to Noyan Dülek, the event consultant for CNR SportsWeek who is a sports manager and trainer in numerous sports clubs with 20 years of experience.

Dülek said that he’s been participating in a great number of sports events and festivals over the years, and that CNR SportsWeek is a world-class event

Would you like to start by telling us about yourself?

I was born in 1973, İzmir Karşıyaka. I graduated from Celal Bayar University, School Of Physical Education And Sports, and came to Istanbul to work at Sports İnternational in 2000. I worked there 6 years and managed the group lessons. Then I transferred to Mars Athletic Club in 2007 and worked there for one year. I worked for Trabzonspor as the performance trainer of Ersun Yanal for the Super League in 2014-2015. I assisted Mustafa Denizli in the Second League for Eskişehirspor in 2016-2017. I returned to Hillside City Club as the Activity and Projects manager on July, 2017.

I worked as a consultant for many projects and participated in the events organized by numerous companies. I also worked as a Zumba, Cycle, Pilates, and Dance trainer.

What does SportsWeek mean to you?

I’ve been working in the Sports Industry for 20 years; offering services in various fields and participating in international events and festivals.

CNR Sports Week is a great, world-class event in terms of content and vision, organized in a way that will shape the sports industry

How does CNR SportsWeek stand out from similar events?

The difference of CNR SportsWeek lies in its perspective, content and vision. It’s a great privilege to have an event uniting so many sports institutions under one roof, not to mention the variety and number of trainers, the meeting of extremely different fields of sports and group lessons, international trainers and brands all at one place.

Can sports festivals such as Sportsweek help people adopt healthy lifestyle habits and exercise regularly?

Absolutely, I’m certain that Sportsweek will help people adopt healthy lifestyle habits and exercise more. They will be introduced to many different fields of sports and equipments in the exhibition, and I think that the workshops given by experts will create awareness and change their habits

What kind of effect will Sportsweek have on the industry?

CNR SportsWeek is a comprehensive, well-thought-of exhibition and it will raise the expectations of the exhibitors and the visitors.

Why should we join SportsWeek?

To stay up-to-date with the industry, raise your brand recognition, stand out among your competitors, participate in a wide range of group lessons and workshops, receive world-class services and have an amazing time for 4 days. I’ll be there!